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I don't deserve it

Some of us really think though don't deserve a good life, they think that they don't deserve something better or good things

And it's probably first time to "verbally" admit it

I don't think I deserve anything good, I always tell myself that bad things happen to me because I don't deserve the good things, people don't like me because I don't do anything likeable ..

I am not successful because my efforts are never enough, and so I don't deserve to be better, I don't deserve things that might help me be better because I'll probably abuse that "help" ..

I don't deserve to be here doing whatever I am..

I am not worthy of anything that may be given to me..

I hate it when someone gives me something, a present or even a compliment .. I don't like it because I don't deserve it, and because I have nothing to give ..

I have nothing to deserve something in return..

I'm just a spoiled failure