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I don't get it

One of my uni classes has us in groups of 4 people

One guy texted me asking if I wanna join his group.

The thing is, this guy, we're not really close, I avoided him all the time and I was mean to him intentionally because he makes me uncomfortable but that's not why I'm confused, I wanna ask him why did he decide to ask me, since he's actually a pretty good student, (straight As) and he is close with everyone else and there are many other students that are far better than me in studying and grades and I don't get why did he decide to ask me it's so annoying tbh I wanna understand but I don't wanna come off rude

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3 months ago

Re: I don't get it

Maybe if he is good with most other people he wants to try to get to know and have better relationship with you as well. Maybe he is curious about your personality. Maybe he thought you didnt have a group and politely told you that if you wanted you can join his. Or maybe he just finds you attractive... i mean that is always a possibility right?