I don’t have anyone

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I’ve realized over the past few days that I don’t really have anyone. There’s people around me but I’m not connected to them, I will talk to them but in the end no one really cares enough about me to understand or be there for me. I’m always there for others, asking if they are okay and what not but no one is ever there for me. My mom is emotionally distant so I never really learned how to ask for help with even the simplest of things I’ve just dealt with them myself. So now I feel like a burden to everyone, even talking to them I feel like I’m bothering them. Everyone thinks I’m just fine because I just subconsciously start acting like it so when I try to vent no one believes me. I just want to disappear I don’t see the point in any of this. I don’t have connections to anyone, I get called emotionally broken and that all that is in my head is rainbows and clouds. No one understands who I actually am and I suppose that is my fault because I guess I don’t let them. Sorry for the long word count

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