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I don't i will ever overcome from this grief.

Ps: my english is not good.

I had to give my dog jackie for adoption and i'm so sorry for that, he bit two of my sisters and my younger brother. He was aggressive to everyone except to me and my parents were really unhappy and scared from jackie so i had to give him for adoption, so that someone more experienced than me could take better care of him. I found a new owner who was willing to adopt jackie amd they told me that they are experience and promised me that they will take care of Jackie. It's been more than 2 weeks and i contact them to ask, if jackie was doing good? And they told me that they lost jackie and they can't find him anywhere near their house. I'm heartbroken at this point, I asked them how can they be so careless and if they've searched for him? They told me that they searched for jackie for 3 days straight but couldn't find him, they told me that they are very sorry for jackie. I can't think of anything but worry for my dog. This is all my fault, i should've been a good owner. I don't think that i can't ever forgive myself for what happened to jackie. I'm sorry for my dog, It's all my fault. I had a panic attack yesterday thinking of jackie. I don't think i will ever overcome this grief! I don't know what to do with myself and can't stop blaming myself for everything. I'm 16 and I'm afraid of committing suicide because i don't want my family to suffer, but this pain is too much for me.