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I just need to vent? rant? I don't know what you would call it but I just need to tell someone or anyone about this, letting you know to clear it all up I'm a female dating a girl it was 2-years since 2018

This happened back in September 2020 when I thought was an ok relationship with this girl who I was dating but come to find out in the hard way it was all a lie or one sided love since I did care and tried to comfront them when they were in, though she would sometimes get in arguments with me or ghost me for long periods of time then try to play off by texting "huh? oh my uh phone just died don't worry about it".

but she supposedly broke up with me for some dude then go off by saying " oh I didn't like you at all" which still to this day breaks me even though she said worse things to me before but I tried to play it off as to think " oh she don't mean it" but I guess it is what some may call one sided love.