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i don't know


so these past few days I've been crying. im sad im not ok but no one asked me if im ok. i want to talk to someone but i dont know who to talk to. i have my friends i used to trust them but they become distant that i start to think they are backstabbing me cuz i know they arre like that i've seen and heard them talk bad about people behind their back and act all friendly when they are with them. i think they are backstabbing me because i know i have a lot of imperfections, such as my looks , attitude, im talentless, and alot more to mention i dont know if some would notice this but im rely hoping i could get a reply or find a friend here.

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Re: i don't know

Baby, you don't have to know me but I can be that friend you'll want to talk to... we are all going through some phases of our lives where just we alone know what we feel and it's difficult to voice out,even when we do want to talk,the people to talk to are not available. it's not as if people care enough to see if we're okay these days but if you can accept my outstretched arm,I'm ready to listen and talk with you.


You've got a friend here to talk to. I don't know how good a friend I can be. But I can assure you that I'll be sincere and nonjudgmental as much as I can, and we can chat about just anything.. just anything that'll make you comfortable.

If you have instaπŸ™ƒπŸ‘‰πŸ½ @paintingforyou_1

Company is always there✌🏽😊

Hi 😁 Don't know of u are boy or girl..but I can relate, I found myself in the same situation before, more or less took for granted... Begin the one friend who done everything, always asked those around her how they were, but when it came to me no one asked how i was doing. People can be really selfish and it's all "Mememe'"

I actually found that I started to distance myself from them and then they soon realised they were missing out and eventually asked me how I was and wat I was doing ...

Hope this helps 😁😁😁

I can relate you too. I would like to suggest you write diary whenever you feel alone. Don’t be dependent on someone try to be independent. Once you fell come out of this situation you will be much stronger. Take this as a experience and try to learn from that. Once you will become independent you will be able to face any situation in life