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I dont know

Does being nice and talking with you with a smily face , making sure nobody is hurt , being polite mean i am inviting you to harase mee.... i dont know what is happening ....but he is senior than me of about my dad's age ....he used to be very nice to me ....suddenly one day when i was on work he pat my butt ....i realized he had bad intention .....so i had a big fight with him infront of my family member ......he stopped visiting my family ....he started to visit my family again...today i saw he chatting with my dad ...i was soo pissed off that i was about to cry ...i started to think my father dont trust me.....i am really unable to forgive that guy ....am i wrong here ??? ....or if i am right ???

I really dont want my family to have any contact with that guy .....is my dad really not my super hero .....wont he save from this guy ??? I know my dad knows i was pissed off this morning .....but he didnt even care ....

Does that mean it was my fault ???