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So I lived here in US for 7 years now, I move here last 2014. I have a boyfriend back home(Philippines) I had to leave because my dad is here in US and ofc he wants to be together with his fam. So we became long distance relationship, it was hard because my dad wants to make it up to those times that he wasn't able to spend with us. My boyfriend that time always gets mad because I don't have time for him because the time difference is also really hard to catch up with each other. Fast forward we broke up before a year of being here.. Idk if I'm just confused or I haven't move on from him or I just couldn't really forget our good memories. We never really tried to communicate with each for 5 years now and we have our own life now I have a boyfriend for 4 years now and she also have a girlfriend. But Idk I still want that closure we never had because I think we both deserve that.