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I don't know anymore

I don't care anymore eventually I'll die and what will they say about me.

I could cook


I had a life but it fell to pieces

Literally one day I woke up and was scared out of my mind

Then the fear subsided ... And what was left

Past childhood traumas resurfacing

It was paranoia



Panic attacks


FEAR of everything and everyone even people I've known my entire life . I'm afraid to let anyone get close to me again

Afraid they'll hurt me , I hardly sleep because I'm afraid to. If I do doze I wake up on full alert and I feel like I'm not safe anywhere like I can't trust anyone to protect me

and I can't sleep , 6 hours , 3hr at night , 2 and a half in the afternoon , and then my body just gives in to the exhaustion and I can't get out of bed, I wasn't like this before and now

I don't feel like doing anything I use to , I don't want to be anything it's like I can't find my happiness like it was stolen

And I don't know what to do anymore.