I don’t know

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I feel so stupid. I’m only 14 I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I’m so selfish. My parents are getting worse. The cutting is getting deeper and more often. They treat me like a dog. My friends hate me. My parents are so abusive I have no idea how to handle itS I don’t think I can go on anymore I feel so many emotions yet completely numb at the same time I want to scream and cry and express my emotions and talk to someone but I can’t bring myself to. They monitor everything I do they watch my every move I feel trapped I can’t even leave the house I can’t choose anything for myself I told them I was cutting and they didn’t careI’ve come so close to doing it before I’m ready to kill myself just to escape this horrible fucking life of mine I’m so selfish and pathetic I don’t know what to do I’m so lost help me please there’s no way out