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I don't know, help me

I'm a 14 year old male, and as far as I know, I've been straight. I've never seen how guys are attractive, and I'm only attracted to females. I'm not transgender either. I was born a male and identify as one.

But, I just can't help but love wearing female clothes. Especially my mom's dresses. Sometimes when no one else is home, I secretly wear her clothes. Like, I dress myself head to toe in female clothes, bras, panties, dresses, and even makeup sometimes. I get such a rush when I'm wearing them, I feel like a female and I get such a boner. I even parade around in them and masturbate and it makes me so happy, but I don't know what the heck is going on with me.

What am I?

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Coming from another male (I'm trans though) it's just you exploring kinks or whatever. There's nothing wrong with it unless you're using other people's underwear to masturbate in which is gross. Go buy some panties or something. As long as it's not hurting you or anyone else do what you want

Continuing my above reply, theres a possiblity you're trans/genderflux. Go talk to a therapist. Spamming here so I can fill up the 300 letter requirement:j3ynyrbyeh3y3jjy36j3jy463j63jj36j6363jj6336j46j4j66j36j4y3jj6363jj366j363jj6363j6j3j63j6363j3j66j33j663j73j7j3j63j64j643j663j63j6j363jj6363j6j363j