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I don’t know how this website works

At this point o don’t even care that this is a small problem.

my diary has went missing and I think my mum has it.

this dosent seem too bad but it contains almost 3 years worth of every detail of my life.

when it comes to talking about my personal life with my family I am very reserved and quiet I don’t tell them much.

this diary is the Pandora’s box of every detail, every event, every thought every idea I have been to ashamed to tell them.

The dumb mind of a teenager cramed into a pink fucking journal.

she will probably mention it tomorrow as soon as I wake up, if she mentions anything to my dad I am considering only killing myself.he can’t see anything.

I have about 7 hours untill I need to find that fucking diary or confront my mum.

time Starts now

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2 months ago

Re: I don’t know how this website works

hey just approach your mom and tell her you have lost your diary and its your personal journal, and ask her to respect your privacy strictly, you can draw the boundaries in a respectful way, logic it out and not fight it out.

and always remember they are your parents, they might get angry but their anger is also coming from the love and care they have for you.

take care, i wish you well...