I don't know how to tell my girlfriend that I need my personal space

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I want to preface with I love her, she makes me beyond happy and is someone that I can see myself being with for a long time. But she and I have very different needs when it comes to proximity and space. The other day I told her that I did not want to go visit her mom's house and help her get her dog. I did want to, but this coming week I have an exam and two papers due, along with my other work for the week, and I told her I needed the Saturday to get some work done and she said that was alright but that she still wanted me to go. Come Saturday morning I needed her to give me a ride someplace 2 minutes away then back, takes me and my roommate and all is well. The two of them say that they wanted coffee, I agree thinking it will be another 10 minutes and then I'd be back home to do my work. The two of them took me a half hour away to the nearest Starbucks, then since we were already about 45 minutes away from her mom's they just kept going with me in the back seat. I was in my pajamas, teeth unbrushed, my phone was only at 30% all because I assumed that I would only be gone for 10 minutes total and could get myself ready once I got back home. We spent 8+ hours away from home then once we got back she asked me if I was upset with her and was sad because I was. I know that she had the best intentions at heart and just wanted to spend the day with me, but we are in college and I have things that need to get done before I can waste a day doing nothing. I don't know if I need advice or just the relief of getting this off my chest, but I'm just frustrated and if anyone has anything I'd appreciate it.

TLDR: My girlfriend and roommate kidnapped me to go on a day trip after I told them that I couldn't go

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