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i don't know ideas lol

I sometimes think about that one movie that i'm really stuck with, it's called ready or not, where the main character whose a bride and then the groom's family made her hide ( they were playing a game and also, when someone in their family marry someone they have to play a game with them ) lmao i suck at explaining but you can search it. Then i searched the ost of it, "The Hide and Seek Song" and i've been listening to it for the past few days then i just imagine a group of teenagers, where they came across a very big mansion, then they enter it but someone already lives there, those someone kidnaps and or maybe kill when someone enters the mansion without permission. Then boom, there are alot of people with masks on, like i imagine it's the plague ones, or maybe the masks that usually used for some horror movies I don't know lmao. Then they made them hide, with the song playing for a countdown like the ready or not movie, but if they luckily escaped then that's it but the thing is, the owners of that mansion are cheating to them, they have cameras everywhere so they can see where they at, so they can't really hide. But this one guy, let's say he's the main character, is very very irritable, he's very smart but kinda a dıck. Anyways, i was just imagining that, then he finds out that everyone was cheating, so he kills them one by one by cheating too. He dressed up like those guys with masks on, so they won't tell it's him. I have alot in mind but i can't just make this longer because i know i'm annoying y'all now HAHAHAHA anyways