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I don't know if I am a good enough gf.

I recently started dating this guys, so we're in the relationship for nearly 2 weeks so far. I begin to feel like he doesnt really like me anymore. The thing is I like him alot and I think he likes me too, but recently not as much. And this is my first proper relationship and according to him it's his first proper relationship too. When I asks him out, he said yes and he also said that he was also going to ask me out too, the next time we meets up. But I don't know what I've been doing wrong, I text him good morning and goodnight, i ask him how his day was, if he's busy, I'll leave him to whatever he was doing, I ask him first before to call him so that I dont interrupt his study or gaming, I'm friends with his friends. Was I so clingy that he doesn't like me now, am I doing something wrong? Lately now when I try to make a simple joke he just cut it off and reply short, or when I try to start a conversation with him, he just says bye, and he never start the conversation, he never says good morning, or a simple hey first to me, it's always me to start the conversation, example asking how everything is going for him or how is his family during this difficult time. Am I annoying for doing all these? Did I made him not like me anymore? I feel like I've been clingy and annoying to him, I don't feel like I'm doing a very good job of a girlfriend. Am I doing a terrible job as a girlfriend to him? This is my very first ever proper relationship. And also to add I don't really feels like he cares for me, and it really hurts me, and it really make me feels really bad about myself for it.

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Re: I don't know if I am a good enough gf.

From what you've listed, Id be tickled to death to have someone thats as thoughtful, considerate, inquiring as you! Damn sure wouldnt be taking it for granted like this guy is... Also, IMO, a lil bit of clingyness is healthy. I mean we ALL need to feel needed right? Im always happy to fulfill the affectionate/ nurturing needs of woman. It becomes a problem when its NOT reciprocated, making your needs, which I think are valid , SEEEM like "clingyness" Piss on this guy..LOL I think your doing a GREAT JOB. If ya ask me, youve in in this relationship 2 weeks too long. DONT let his lack of appreciation, for the efforts YOUR making, decide/judge your value as a girlfriend. The positive things youve listed doing on your part, are NOT clingy and annoying. If He's making you "feel" that way girl, Ive got news for ya......YOUR allowing it....You dont deserve that. PLENTY of guys out there who would LOVE to be annoyed, clinged to, have their "guy time" takin into consideration, wake up to a "good morning", Hells bells, if all this is "annoying" , then by all means, Annoy me to death...LOL ...I hate to see ya self- deprecating and hurtin over this when youve done nothing wrong girl? Get ridda this dickbeat. he's taking you for granted and will purposely tear you down emotionally...........If you let him..... Please dont!.... You have alot to give, and needs to be givin to someone capable of providing for YOUR needs as well....