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I don't know if I can do this anymore

I'm trying so hard to get better. Taking all the right steps, and fixing some of the things that were making me worse. Yet, after weeks im just getting lower and lower. 1 of the steps is open up to friends (my roommates). 1 of them means well I think, but tells me I have no reason to be sad/depressed/anxious and I should I just relax. The other just screamed at me and turned everything around when I tried to talk to them. Some may say-then get out of that house. But I'm not financially able.

Its even harder during the holidays since I have no family left.

I don't want to be unhappy all the time, but even with the med. And therp. And exercising/eating better. Stopped drinking. Opened up to a few other people.

According to that all (which has been going on for 2 months) I should be feeling a little better? But I feel worse than ever , and one of the worst parts is I can't sleep anymore and I feel like I'm just going crazy.

I wish I could go back to years ago. When I knew something was wrong but did nothing about it.