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I don't know if I sexually assaulted as a kid

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There were a few instances I feel like could be cases of sexual assault

Once was in elementary school when I was with a girl I thought was fairly cute so we talked while riding the bus together. One day after getting off the bus she invited me in her home. Her parents were home and she invited me in to show me something I figured it'd be fast and I'd get back to walking home in no time. She lead me to her bedroom where she proceeded to strip down and show her privates. We were around the same age of being maybe 5 or 6. I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave but she kept me around for a few minutes stand in in the door while wearing nothing. After a while I decided that I really needed to leave and I told her that if she didn't let me leave my parents would come look for me and I'd be in trouble she allowed me to leave and the next day we rode the bus as usual and I just shoved the thought away thinking it wasn't a big deal. Eventually next year she moved away and I haven't dealt with the memory since until now

Second instance was when I was in middle school when I started hanging out with a 17 year old who live by. I'm unsure whether this experience is actually sexual assault but it did make me uncomfortable then and the thought still makes me uncomfortable now. It was mostly me the 17 year old girl and another slightly older 8th grader who hung out. She often talk about her sexual experiences in front of us and we would do things like strip but never get fully nude. The closest thing that would happen would be she'd see us in our underpants and we'd see her in her bra and panties. I was the youngest of the trio so obviously I did what they did because of peer pressure of fitting in.

The third has to deal with high school. Where I met a few friends I would hang out with after school got out. It was fairly large and since most of my other friends had rides to pick them up after school so I would hang out with the new group of friends while waiting for buses to arrive. There was one girl who seemed to fancy me. I gave my number to most of the people around the group because I had a cell phone at the time. Immediately the girl who seemed to fancy me would talk to me non stop. Originally I had no problem until she started sending me uncomfortable texts like calling my babe and love etc. I felt uncomfortable but I tried to push past it and keep the conversation going without really acknowledging the names. One day she sent me a graphic sext and I decided to not respond. she later left to go to visit family somewhere more north and when she returned acted as if nothing has happened.

Those are the experiences I have had that I'm unsure if they are sexual assault or harassment. I have never told anyone this not even my closet friends nor family