I don't know if I'm at fault or not

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It was my first tinder date and i was so naive bcs i never date anyone before. I guess i was too excited so i agreed when he picked me up to go to his place. He said to watch netflix only. And then we're cuddling. I thought we're only cuddling but he started to carress my face and kiss my cheek. At first i was avoiding it but he convinced me to give in. I was 18 and naive so i stupidly let him do what he wanted to. Then we're kissing. He wanted to take off my clothes but i said no too many times. But he convinced me again and he took off my clothes and his clothes too. I was scared but i don't know why i just let him did that to me. He even tried to put his dick on my female part but i lied i said im on my period. He licked my body and cummed on me. After that he ignored me. Lied to me saying his friends was using his car but the truth he don't want to send me home. He tried to ditch me but i was helpless and he's my ride home bcs I'm too pathetic.