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i don't know if it's worth living anymore

I'm a 20 year old. my parents are always shouting at me. even in front of other people. I'm trying to work very hard for my exams in October but it's hard for me to focus. i don't have a separate room for me to study. i don't have a quiet place to focus and i don't even have a work place to work on because my cousins are always in our living room playing games. my parents say that if someone wants to study, they can study in any circumstances. my parents are always fighting among themselves too. my father just tried to hit me with something as well as shouting at me in front of my uncle. im not allowed to go out with friends or talk to them. i love wearing makeup but my father doesn't like it. im not allowed to do anything that he doesn't like just because he doesn't like it. even harmless hobbies. moreover, even the educational institutions are closed rn so i have to stay in this house all the time. i work two jobs from home, help my mama out with her online teaching (make all her lectures) and im in a levels rn. I'm giving accelerated maths, chemistry and physics. I'm so scared I'm not going to be able to study here as much as I'd like to. my brothers shout at me too. they call me names and insult me. i just don't know what to do anymore.