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I dont know me

its just this strange feeling in the chest like hole , a dark hole not even friends family or love can complete that i dont know what that is...why are cry in the middle of the night for no reason and just feel like I just want to stop this feeling....it doesn't go away my life is awesome I've everything and can get whatever I want but still feel empty always...always want to talk to some stranger just coz he won't share anywhere cant even think of the time I had dreams of suicide and just want to end this feeling this deep dark hole like in the move all the bright places that movie was so relatable the person have everything but nothing at all in that moment that one moment he just wants to get away with all this pain and tears i can't hold back the tears I cant get happy whyyy???

Fuck I said too much...im sensitive but not sensitive infront of friends and family I mean why is it like natural or something...I used to cry a lot in my exs shoulder like literally everyday fucking day and then I just felt empty always so I broke up with him i still don't know the reason and I cry in the middle of the night...

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Re: I dont know me

I do the same. I think about things that I know will make me cry and then cry out loud. I even have anxiety issues but I haven't told anyone about it yet. No one knows I'm so sensetive and an over thinker. I'm just too embarrassed to share these things. Even I talk to strangers because I know they won't tell anyone.

I'm no expert here, but I think you should seek more professional help, because your problem in my opinion is a little beyond of what a random stranger can help you with. Now, I know it is hard to seek professional help, but it really can help you so much and make you love your life again. If you don't want anybody to know you are visiting a psychologist - don't tell anybody. It's fine. I believe you will be able to organise meetings without anybody knowing and you'll get the so needed professional help. Also I believe hobbies help with such things. Find some activity you love and take up your free time with it.. Hope this helps..

M dealing with same situation...there is some kind of pain in my chest that i cant get over on it...now its becoming worst and worst..in midnight suddenly i woke up n started crying...idk why bt this happens me alot of time...even when m happy there is something that i cant explain..