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i don't know what to call this

five years ago, i always claimed that i was depressed (even tho i was never diagnosed). when i was 13, i always pushed my family away and lashing out on them for no reason at all. fast forward to a year, i got better. i started to get along with everyone in my family again and i just never had trouble talking to them or agreeing with their perspective. i was like that until late 2019. my mom also labeled me as her favorite kid because i always followed her and she told me she was glad i lost my "attitude" back then. fast forward to today, i think ive changed. since the start of 2020, I think im worse than ever. my relationship with my family is also worse and i feel like no one wants to talk to me anymore because like they said, i keep on disagreeing with whatever they say. i don't even intend to do that. i just want to speak my mind but i feel like shit everytime they get mad at me. am i doing something wrong? i feel like im relapsing too because my sister says im so difficult to talk to now that only sad things come out of my mouth. i don't know what to do. can somebody pls help me