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i dont know what to do

So i have a childhood bestfriend. We've been friends since forever and as we both grew up, we both developed feelings and became a thing. Everything is really going well, really, what i just dont understand is, Why does it feel like its wrong-

we do love each other, we care for each other. But, those i love you's and i miss you's feels wrong- But, the thought of letting him go, hurts me and breaking up would only ruin everything.

He's the only person whom i trust and care, but- breaking up with him is a big mistake, our relationship could be vastly damaged- But it doesn't feel right. None of us feels right. But i dont want to loose someone who i trust ever so fully

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Re: i dont know what to do

Haiiii, I would like to write my opinion regarding your feeling. Actually now a days what u think love is, it's 99% based on appearance and pay scale and etc and by confirming all this one get feelings on opposite gender.do u think its love?? Actually your story is a true feeling of love coz during your childhood u never mind how ur bf is nd how much did he score or being payed.so,love like urs it's a bridge between only pure hearts with innocent feelings and emotions.soo,dont ever try to miss him by thinking spoiled theories of love. Finally love at first sight is totally a fucking phrase where its sense like one should get attract oly through looks. That's not a love actually. So, u with 100% confidence marry him and have a beautiful family. My best wishes...