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I dont know what to do

I've been friends with a girl for 7 years, we meet online doing roleplays and have continued to roleplay and grow with each other since. I never though of her romantically, i saw her more like a little sister. That is until recently that is, i dont know what but something shifted and I've found my self falling in love with her. If that wasnt complicated enough she's in healthy relationship and I'm in a kinda messy complicated one with a guy I've been with for 3 years. I love my guy too but thats have gotten so complicated with him i dont know if we'll work it out or not. Am i just projecting my need for love onto her? Am i a bad person for being in love with 2 people at once? I feel like im going crazy and i dont even know how to explain it to someone around to get a imput on what i should do.