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I dont know what to do

I dont know what to do. My boyfriend and i broke up last year and were apart for 6 months. Then he came back into my life after having a golddigger girlfriend. I ended up taking him back but its been at least 8 months and im rethinking my decision. We broke up on good terms and it was hard for me. Now i feel like i am getting older and should settle down but am i making a bad decision by settling down with him? I am just scared to go out in the dating world again.

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Re: I dont know what to do

Baby..... Dating is a different world from marriage

If you don't have enough conviction to see him as your forever partner,it's better to leave now..... The earlier you get things done,the better for you

If you don't reach out,it's difficult to lend a helping hand at times

You being afraid of meeting a new person is less dangerous than putting your happiness away for a lifetime

If you won't be happy with your current boyfriend,I'll advise you break off now before you guys go too deep and it will be so difficult to leave