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i don’t know what to do

my boyfriend and i have been dating for a few months now. it just came up, and i think that he’s homophobic. he says that he’s not, but believes that gay people go to hell. i personally believe that you should be able to love whoever you want, and being LGBTQ+ is anything but a sin. i really, really like him, but i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to see him the same. what should i do?

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Re: i don’t know what to do

He is being homophobic as a member of the lgbtq+ it’s offensive and hurtful to hear the you’re going to hell line. He’s ignorant and you need to think what your priorities are and talk it out with him Cause he needs to know how it makes you feel and if he can’t respect ya let him go and if he can’t change yuck

well, you should ask yourself if the person you wanna be with, is a person who thinks like that and if this really matters to you

what if a relative or a friend of yours is lgbtq+, how would he behave?

just think, after all is you that gonna have to deal with him being like this. i mean, we are in the 21 century