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i don’t know what to do anymore

it’s not like i don’t have friends to talk to it about i have a great best friend who i’m sure would be willing to listen but i know she doesn’t care deep down. i keep getting dumber every year i’ve always been raised with high standards for school but it seems every year that passes i get academically worse and i can’t take it anymore.

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Is that just a feeling? Or can you back it up with actual proof? Is theor a large decline? Or is it just a little like at the start or the year after summer vacation? If so,by the end of the first quater or so,are you able to bring it back up? What kind of classes are you taking? Are you slacking off honestly? Are the classes to advance? Have you no interest in the topics?

What about recent break ups, family change, etc? Drugs/alchol?

These are just a few off the questions u need to find out the answer to. Dont even get me started on The specific ones that a doctor may ask, and all them plus more for your first intake counseling apoitment.

Figure it out. Answer those questions. Try harder. Read a book. And take some vitamns.

In the long run, does it really matter?