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I dont know what to do. Plz help

I need help, idk what to do. Just yesterday I caught my daughter's father with his pants down and my daughter with her pants off, he was facing her direction with an erect penius. Needless to say I kicked him out. But my daughter is handicapped and is developmentally delayed; she loves he father so much and clings onto him. My question is do I completely cut him out of her life or do I let him see her (supervised) from time to time. My mother says its best to cut him out, but I dont want to take her dad away from her since she loves him so much. Plz help, anyone who has experienced this before or a professional that knows what to do in this situation. Thank you.

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Re: I dont know what to do. Plz help

I would say it's okay for him to see her SUPERVISED but dear God please don't let him see her on his own or ever let her stay over she doesn't realize how bad it is that her father almost raped her which when she is older she will thank you for not seeing him on her own if you would let him see her he probably would have tried to have sex with her again and she wouldn't know it was wrong she would not speak up either until she learnt about it so what I'm saying is don'tet him see her unsupervised

Hell no, do NOT let him see her, maybe you’re there monitoring him but you don’t know what kind of thoughts is he having being around your daughter. Protect her all cost, and maybe she will suffer ‘cause she’s a child, she don’t know what is happening and she doesn’t have a bad vision of this world. But when she grow up she will see and understand what was happening and will thank you. I know it’s a pretty hard decision but think what’s the best for her. Also denunciate that asshole and make him pay for his actions. If he really love her he wouldn’t do such a disgusting thing. So in my opinion DO NOT let him see her.