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I don't know where am I headed to...

Ever since I was a kid, I really want to become a doctor. I can still remember the time I applied for the university I aspire to be in and luckily I was accepted into a premed course. Fast forward, I graduated last year and even got my license after passing the board exam. After that, I don't really know where to go next, there were too many options then suddenly I made a rushed decision of entering into a 2 year post graduate course and I'm recently taking it. I probably took it because I am not really sure if I could still enter med school and I'm having a hard time deciding since my parents would be the one who will shoulder the costs and I still have siblings who are also studying. Right now, I'm still considering if I'll go to med school, knowing it'll be really expensive and time consuming :( I'm just an average student and I don't know if I'll be able to pass if I'll be entering med school. I feel so lost :(.

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Re: I don't know where am I headed to...

How did you obtain a license without going to a medical school

I thought I saw something about you graduating uni

You want to go back to school?

You're done with residency?



No what I meant was I finished my premed which is pharmacy and I obtained a license from it already. So I'm a pharmacist now and i dont know if I'll still pursue medicine knowing it is expensive and stuff :( I'm not that great or somebody who excels a lot when it comes to academics but sometimes I kinda envy other people who even failed in like 3 subjects and still got to med school.