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I don’t know who else to tell this to

I’m 21, Im very unhappy, and I sometimes post a snap on my story shamefully hoping someone replies. At night, my mind always makes it’s way to the thought of my own funeral, and how then people would probably miss me. My only reasoning for wanting to kill myself is because I want people to miss and think about me as much as I miss and think about them.

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Re: I Love You Dearly. Remember this always

I really wish i could be there for you. I know thst feeling. Its not good in its tiniest bit. Myself, I'm 22, felt the same for a while. Wish i could contact you even. It is well. Get to talk to loved ones about this, dont give it a second thought. Just move. You'll be better in no time. I might not know you whatsoever but commit this to memory, someone out there who just typed all of this loves you dearly.

I've been there before I was constantly trying to live my life for people just to make them happy but still just felt like an unnotice background character like nothing I did was good enough I picked up bad habits because it made someone smile and say they were proud of me for them to later say I shouldn't do that and to look down on me but now even if I dont have a lot of friends or make people happy I try to be happy with myself and find comfort in my solitude because I came into the world alone and I'll be leaving it that way

Reply from a 26 years old friend.....

See dude I don't know you but I'm taking time out of my life to reply you. Life sucks dude don't even bother about others or don't carve for them just keep a goal such that it makes you happy everyday by trying it. Life is short man live it to the fullest.....