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I dont know who i am

When i look in the mirror i usually try to pose and act more like a guy, and i really want to date girls but the thought of me dating them as a girl seems weird. Maybe it is internalized homophobia? I also dont have gender dysphoria. But strangely i feel very good when someone says i look like a guy or act like one. While playing games i always pretended to be a guy and felt much more confident and like myself talking to people that way. I like dressing in manly clothes and feel uncomfortable in feminine ones but i might be just a tomboy. I wish i were a guy and i wish my breasts werent there but i dont truly hate my body. But i ve been feeling like this since i was around 13 (i am 16 now). I watched multiple trans related videos and i see most people knew they were the opposite sex since they were very young and they never had a doubt about it but thats not the case for me. I thought that maybe i am non binary but i feel uncomfortable with the pronouns they/them. Can someone please tell me whats wrong with me?

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Re: I dont know who i am

Nothing is wrong with you.

I want you to read this again and say it loudly.

The perceived social notion of how boys and girls should behave/dress is heavily flawed. Accept who you are and if someone is unable to accept you, it is their problem, not yours.

What I am seeing in your post is that you are a lesbian ( or maybe bisexual) but are scared of the social norms and being judged by others. It is not internal homophobia. Just be true to yourself.