I dont know who to talk to

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ok so basically im not depressed i dont think i dont really know i think i am i think because lately ive been having a lot of symptoms of it but I dont wanna self diagnose myself cause its wrong to people who actually have a serious case of it. so I'm sad some of times except for when im like hanging with my friends or family but even when i hanging with them, i still put on a fake smile and say im fine even though i had a mental breakdown 5 minutes ago. anyways, i hide all my feelings from pretty much everyone i know but i did tell one of my closest friends about my kinda trauma that i had experienced recently. and i didn't wanna like pile it on to her and like expect her to fix it or something its just that i had to tell someone because it was physically weighing me down and i would cry a lot more than usual, in public too. i could've told other people that were there at the time that were also close friends but i just feel they wouldn't get it as much as others would. so i told her that day and she was comforting me and things which i really appreciate. <3 to her. anyway, the semi trauma that i had is not really the main part of why i feel this way i think the main part is because im feeling depressed a lot of the time now and im not telling anyone and keeping it inside. but i never tell people that when they ask whats wrong i usually just say nothing. and i would talk to my parents about but #1 i hate expressing my feelings especially when im sad and #2 i feel like they would just send me to a therapist. see the thing is i know my parents care for me and love me but i remember a few months ago my brother expressed his feelings of being sad to them and they recommended a therapist and if i told them ALL of what im feeling daily they would prob send me there. so basically i just dont really know who to like actually in depth talk to someone about whats wrong except god so thats all. and dont mind all the bad grammar its 1:38 am goodnight/morning

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