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I don't like cars

I know many people who suffered or died because of car accidents, but that's only part of the reason why I hate them.

They feel like tiny prisons. As long as I can remember, I felt the most emotional pain during car rides, because the emotionally abusive members of my family always chose the inside of the car as their playing ground.

They scream at you. They blame and accuse you. They insult you. They lie and manipulate. They laugh if you cry. They threaten and sometimes go through with just leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

You are completely helpless if they decide to speed and drive dangerously.

There were several times when I physically had to stop my father from chasing or hitting someone who he felt had disrespected him on the road.

They can hang up on you.

They can about at you. Half an hour. One hour. Two hours. More.

You depend on them. You mostly have to. To get where you need to be on time. To feel safe. To get home. And they use this against you.

And. You. Cant. Leave.

They might even lock you in. And then you sit there and wait and wait and smashing against the windows after an hour does nothing.

There were several times I seriously thought I might die, because the drive had fun driving unnecessarily risky. And then they behave like a peacock, being proud of scaring you by being so daring.

I hate being in a car with someone.