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I dont need pity I need help

Ive been in an endless cycle for a while now. Im fine for a few days and then I can barely stand up in the mornings.

Ive asked for help from my parents and hell even at school but I feel like I cant even tell them everything. The moment I tell anyone they tell me “aw it gets better” or “you can just talk it out” but how the fuck do you even do that?

Ive tried about anything I can think of but Im just confused and. UuuUugh!!

I just need a friend. A real one to talk to. To tell everything and not worry about them judging me but I cant find that friend.

It doesn’t help that I feel inadequate in school I can barely get a B meanwhile my siblings are prancing around with their perfect marks

I cant tell anyone, I don’t what to be a burden but if I don’t I might just combust.