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I don’t really know that much

I don’t exactly have anyone to go to when I want to talk, I’ve tried talking to my father before but it never ends well and I just end up feeling worse; plus, I doubt talking to my mother we’ll be anything better. Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve just being moving further from this world (I guess I feel detached). I don’t exactly see any worth in anything these days and I’ve been wondering, do I truly matter in this world?

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Re: I don’t really know that much

me too... its like nothing gives me joy but one thing that i know is that we matter. there is someone who needs us what if you were someone i needed or vice versa. all i'm saying is even though people around us don't need us there is someone who needs you and if you give up we don't know what will happen to that person. this thought is something that keeps me going when i feel something similar to you


they say good times need to first get polished by bad times

dont lose hope , if you were born into this world , means that you were born for a reason , maybe in the future you will become the reason for someone else to live , maybe you will find a person who would want to live for, its a slow process but quitting wont speed it up