I don't understand my mother

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Women are confusing. Especially my mother.

This morning she was ignoring me so I asked her why u ignoring me. She like, ur useless ur dumb and that shit. After that the lady be like, "You are so inconsiderate when in comes to the needs of other people in this house." I ask her (politely and everything) what are these "needs" thou speaks of. She lists a bunch of chores and i say, hold up lemme actually write this down so i can do it. Then she says, "thINgs liKE thIs doN't HaVE tO be wrITteN dOWn, thEy shOUld cOMe frOM youR brAin" like boi what- do u seriously expect me to read your mind, to know why your upset. I have been so. damn. patient. with your mood swings and now you want me to do telepathy and take out the trash when you and use your perfectly good vocal chords to tell me to do so?

ehem, so this is why I don't want any more women in my life.

If you think that my dear, sweet mother is correct to say these things, please explain her thought process because I am so confused.