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I don't want to exist

I have a relatively good life. I'm healthy and I want for nothing. But feel so empty. I feel like nothing I do has meaning, whether I fail or succeed.

Even the things that used to hurt me don't hurt me anymore. Everyone thinks I'm getting better, but honestly I think I'm just numb.

I feel alone. With no friends family or a god to talk to.

I exist. I don't live. I just exist.

I don't want to exist anymore.

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Re: I don't want to exist

dont Give up. Please read what I wrote to “How do I die” below. I have arthritis so typing is hard. I tried to kill myself at 7. Not even sure how I lived. But I’m 60 now. I finally got help. Meds make me happier. I’m still depressed at times. But I can deal with it.

Your brain is making chemicals that make you feel that way. But it gets better as you get older. You don’t realize it but if you choose to live you will experience moments so amazing. They just find you. This life seems long. But it’s not. When you die you can goto Heaven. So live this life the best you can. Accept you are not perfect. You will fuck up over & over. So what. Fuck people who judge you & try to make you feel bad. Fuck depression. Fuck being sad. Just say fuck it. I’m going to live. I’m going to find ways to be happy. I don’t give a shit.

The reason we feel this way is because we are good people. We want to be perfect but can’t. That’s OK. Only Jesus was perfect. The rest of us fuck up all the time. So screw it. Just live.