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i dont want to live anymore

im physically and mentally messed up and i want to die

i go to a high school for something that u despise, im being molded by some people like im a mold, i cant follow my dreams due to some reasons and my parents dont allow me to do the thing that helps me the most

i hate myself and i dont want people to see me like this and i dont want them to be friends with me because they deserve so much better, they would be better off without me

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Re: i dont want to live anymore

That’s just chemicals in your brain my friend. Millions of us are just like you.

You have to focus on what you can control. Make the best grades you can. Do a lot of push ups & sit ups. Burn that energy off. Watch comedies until you laugh every day. Listen to fun music. Make yourself sing & dance.

If you have a school counselor that would help. If not ask your parents to get you one. For yrs I refused to do that. That helped lead to anerisms. That led to disability. That made me see one. It took time & meds but I understand myself now & am much better.

At night I watch Christmas lights or a lava lamp to help my mind relax. I have an extra pillow I hug as I go to sleep.

I love you. Jesus loves you.

God Bless