I don't want to sleep next to him

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I wish we still had three beds.

Whenever he gets drunk and stupid, he argues in the most ridiculous way. I'll try to have serious talks with him before bed, as it is really the only time we have a chance to discuss things, but he gets more and more frustrated when it's talking about something he doesn't like.

Tough titty, asshole. Everyone has to talk about things they don't like. It's what adults do, so grow up.

After sometime, he'll go to bed. I don't like sleeping in the same bed with him after he gets stupid, so I used to sleep on the couch.

Asshole acts like a brat, child and "doZen't wAnt to sleep on the cOOUch." He's only "old-fashioned" when it suits him( I'm a women and he's the man) and he's pretty selfish, so his hypocrisy happens often.

So, I used to sleep on the couch instead, but we resently had bed bugs, so we had to move the furniture out. We have one todler bed for our daughter, (the 1/3 beds if you were wondering) and a futon we use as our bed. There is nowhere else for me to sleep if and when he gets unbelievably assholeish. I can't get a cheap $40 motel cause I don't have money to spend like that. And I have no near by friends who may let me use their couch.(None that would be appropriate.)

I really hate sleeping with him after he gets stupid. For one thing, he seems to think it must mean he didn't do or say anything wrong, so he ends up forgetting everything important had said. For another, I lose a lot of respect for him.

Certainly can tell with how I'm calling him a "stupid asshole " while he's sleeping next to me right now.

I don't like losing respect for him, I really don't. It's not all in my head, though. I'm not blind. I'll try to solve this problem with another bed. Just wanted to vent some meaningless crap about how I don't have respect for my SO when he doesn't deserve it.