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I dont's

Idk why, but i just can't let go even if we are not in a relationship even if i dont have something to hold on to.

Idk why, but i keep thinking about him even if it hurts me so damn much.

Idk why, but i cant stop loving you, even if you love her.

Idk why you keep making me feel special, feel loved, feel like im the one.

Idk why you keep doing this even if you have her, your girlfriend.

Idk why you just started to treat me like a thing.

Idk why i can see that you like her, my best friend.

Idk why but i cant stop myself from falling inlove with you even more.

What am I to you?

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Re: I dont's

You're a terrible person , that's someone else's boyfriend husband whatever and you want him because your to pathetic at lazy to find your own. It's women like you who destroy good relationships and happy homes. Always letting your selfishness get the better of you. I hope she finds out about your motivations to pursue her man. I hope you get what is coming to your. You're disgusting excuse for a woman , your not the one of you were she wouldn't be in the picture and he'd be with you... Get over yourself and leave their relationship alone.