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I dropped out of college and regret it

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To be fair to me everyone I came across was giving me shit for going to school, even people in my own major. People in my own major said I should be working not going to school. This girl yelled at me in front of the class when she found out I didnt have to work through school like she did. I took several classes with this girl so I thought she wasnt a total psycho but god damn you cant do that just because you think I have it easier than you. Anyway whenever I would talk to people online they would say college was a scam and wasnt worth it unless I was in a STEM program. Fuck that shit. And even a guy I was dating ripped into me for majoring in an "impractical major" aka anything not stem or business school. I would drive by the bus stop and see all the young people coming home from working their shitty jobs at the mall, they smoking and laughing and everyone I knew back home who barely got through high school where just farting around enjoying their lives working in retail.

So they got what they wanted, I quit. Biggest mistake of my life. To be fair some more, I went through the most traumatic event in my entire life that I wont go into and that also contributed to me quitting. Now all I hear is the opposite "you should have stayed in school, "you didnt even have to work like most people, "you need a degree for this...." Okay universe I hope you're happy destroying my life and now you want me to feel guilty about it since I had it so easy. Wow the idiots that breathe my air and then use that same breath to guilt me, tempt me, bullshit me....because they need someone to blame for something that doesnt even involve their irrelevant ass. I'm lucky I even survived what happened to me but you know we live in capitalism, resting and living easy is demonized and becoming virtually impossible.

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