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I feel alone

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TW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everyone!! I hope yall know u r worth it. My life is kinda sad to the point where i rant online about my life. Im in school (online still) and i feel so alone. I have a family and I see some of my cousins who play volleyball on the weekends with me. But in school, I'm being used. I feel like people just talk to me because of my intelligence and for their own good. I try to approach them nicely but once I know their true purpose i distance myself from them. They always tell me "You are so smart thats why I like hanging out with u" "whenever im looking for homework answers i always look for u hehe"(like bitch that aint even funny) and after i distance myself from them they don't even talk to me. The ones who always say that r always boys. Why?? because all the girls hate me because of hanging out with people older than me. Like they r not even toxic but they graduated and we lost contact. I feel like i have friends but we always stop being friends. Am i the reason and not those people. I tried to be happier, goofier, nicer, and better but I still fail to make friends. Like i mentioned before everyone hates me and talks shit about me so ive thought if kms to escape. Theres a certain person who saved me from self harm and a horrible state. I don't kniw that person irl but we went on a date (with like 3million people more) he's a celeb but hes like smthing different. Hes special and is so important. He doesnt act rich or cool hes humble and puts others first. He does a live once a week to talk to us and to listen to music. ( id be surprised if yk who im talking about ;) gotta luv crispy) <-- hint!

Im also worried about my grades

U see these 4 girls hated me a LOT and would talk shit about me. I used my L succesor brain and found all the tiktok accounts of one girl and turns out shes really depressed. Karma?? Im not happy that shes depressed and ive been thinking of creating a fake 10-13 yr old girl acount and cheer her up because shes crying a lot. I dont know if shes faking it because she loves getting attention and being the center.

so um yea this weird cause i feel like lim jugyeong writing in here ( btw seojun and suho r both hot)

Im sorry if i sound weird and if u think u know me text me on snap ask me on zoom private chat cause i want a friend :(

ok bye bye remember u r beautiful/handsome/stunning and u r worth it <3

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