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I feel alone

I feel like I’m slowly loosing my best friend but she keeps telling me that I’m not gonna lose her but we have been talking less and less and she genuinely means so much to me but I don’t know how to talk to her about it. She always comforts me when I’m sad around her and she genuinely makes me laugh she is also the reason I fight so hard to not harm myself and I just need to talk to her but I find it hard to do so with our bursting into tears and I feel like gets annoyed when I do that.

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Re: I feel alone

I had a friend who would say the exact same thing when we walk our separate ways & I can say, he did fine the first time. then today, I decided it was for the better to walk away for good. & I think you just realize you lose comfort & routine of talking to them. can’t say he felt the same way he did the first time but I know he’ll be okay & so will you.

(: don’t give up!

when one door closes, another will open.

uh hi i'm the original poster of this and i just thought id give an update.

i told her that i thought we had been drifting apart and she asked why i never said anything and in the end we have both decided to have a break from each other so basically i'm not gonna go to her house for a bit and we're not messaging each other for awhile just to work on ourselves but i guess some good came out of it as i finally told my mother about my problems and she has agreed to help me.

i just hope this distance from me and my best friend will be a good thing cause i don't know what id do without her she really is the best thing to happen to me in a long while.