I feel alone

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I feel alone

I feel I ll end up alone

U know I want a person with whom I can say that yes we have each other in every situation

We have got each others back

I feel terrible at this moment of my life...

I m just 20

Nd I don't kw what would make me feel better

I recently had a breakup Nd I kw maybe after sometime I ll be okay

But I just want that person so much in my life...I love him soo much... But now he doesn't want to be with me...so I can't force him to be with me...he said he wants to stay as friends with me...i have even tried that but after knowing dat he doesn't love me...i m just not able to live with him as friends...i want him fully mine...i want him like we were in old days ...he just got changed...

I don't kw if my time is bad or I m bad or things never go right for me in a relationship...