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I feel ashamed for my actions.

I am a 13-year old girl who has been introduced to inappropriate (p*rn) videos way too early in my childhood.

When I was about 6 to 8 years old, my extended family would usually come over to our house during Christmas to celebrate. My cousins and I were eally close, specifically those who were closer to my age, before I went to go live permanently in another country. Since I was too young to have a phone, I would borrow anyone who did have one to play games and browse through their gallery like a normal kid.

When my female cousin, who was 1 year younger than me and I were browsing through my uncle's phone, we found really disgusting videos on his gallery but I was fascinated by it since I hadn't seen anything like it. We kept watching each of those videos and since we were stupid, dumb kids, we actually tried it. I don't want to describe it in detail because I already feel like I'm going to barf writing this.

We would follow what was shown in the videos and try to copy it as best as we can. Back then, I thought it wasn't much of a big deal for my childish brain but now, I feel so ashamed and disgusting for doing that to my cousin. I wish I could go back in time to never do the same stupid mistake again. The memory keeps haunting me whenever I have free time, it just wouldn't leave me alone.

I haven't told anyone about this because I'm too afraid that they'll think something is wrong with me. This is the only place where I could safely vent.

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Re: I feel ashamed for my actions.

Hi! Although incest in illegal in my country I don't think what you did was wrong and you shouldn't feel bad. At a young age kids are extremely impressionable. I know people would not like to admit it but a lot of us have played "house" when we were young. You didn't know any better at the time and that's okay. A lesson is not a lesson unless learned. I know it probably freaks you out to think about this but just remember you at the time did not know any better. We all make mistakes. I know it feels better just to admit that and you are so brave for doing so! Stay positive and stay as a kid for as long as you can please!

-A 23 year old girl

I got exposed somewhere in thrid grade. I think i was around 6 or 7 idk. I just searched up five nights at freddys on the internet because i used to like it. I knida think its scary now. But yeah i found a site and it led to... dun dun dun!!! A viDeO and i watched all of it. I knew it was wrong and i didnt know how to use incog so my mom knew and kept telling me to stop. I did because i was embarrased but i recently went back to it. Ofc i used incog and it was on my own device. I attempted going back recently but i had a parental shit on my device and it said the site was inapropriate and i just cried because i knew my dad would know. He hates that sort of stuff and tries to restrict me from it. My mom says that when humans are resrticted from something it becomes the one thing they want. I really want to watch those videos but i cant anymore :\. I seem like a creep right now i should stop im sorry. im sorry. i am so sorry dude.