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I feel ashamed of something.

So I feel... Uh ashamed

You see, I never did watch porn. I used to be the innocent kid but now I watched porn today and I feel bad.

I'm still a teen that doesn't like the mere thought of having sex with someone. So why in the world did I even look up porn? I wish I could go back in time and change my actions. Now I feel that I won't be myself you know. I feel ashamed just at the mere thought of me looking it up.

Is there any way to let this memory go. I want this out of my mind as soon as possible. I'm literally disgusted at myself also.

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Re: I feel ashamed of something.

You said it yourself, you're a teen. Look, im not a fan of porn especially the ones that are extremely fantasied and unrealistic. But you shouldn't feel disgusted, everyone will look up porn in their lifetime. Sometimes everyones curiosity gets to the best of them. If you dont find yourself looking at it again then you'll be fine. Dont be harsh on yourself, you didnt do anything wrong. Just accept you watched it, and move on. You'll be okay