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i feel bad for my brother.

this is what he think of himself ,"im a wise person, i know everything, im a boy so every girl should think twice before looking me into eyes "

NOW....let me make it more easy.

"im a jackass , i don't fucking know anything about literally anything. i have left my school on way and been dropped out. so i just went to complete my simple graduation so that i'll have at least something to maintain my ego on. i get goosebumps when i see any lady being so good at everything but my male ego isn't ready to digest her success and i can't even go and appreciate her efforts and stand by her when she needs me. i can't wash my underwear myself, i can't put my own plate of finished meal in sink , the reason is my male ego. i can abuse her mentally for not agreeing on something said or asked by an old person, but i will disguise them to tears when i get on my nerves . i will look at how she walks ,how she eats, what does she wears but i can't digest her success at any area cause she is a girl and she is supposed to be treated like an animal''.

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Re: i feel bad for my brother.

Just be happy do what you what and stand up for yourself find a job maybe few years later if you are a student and then live your life that will be enough to shut him up. I have seen assholes like them don't do shit for him let him do his chores himself if he's violent report him if you can.Move out if you can better than staying in a toxic relationship. If you can financial support yourself maybe put some distance meet something help him if you want to.If you think you he can change being an ass try helping him but it's your choice whatever makes you happy cuz that's the most important thing.