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I feel completely Nothing

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My Father abuses my mother. Both Physically and Mentally. But after being abused for 18 years now my mom thinks that It's her fault. She deserves this type of assault.

I was happy with my friends. Cause my family life wasn’t that good. So i found myself happy with my friends. But I was a fool.

I have 2 Best friends. More appropriately I had 2 best friends. One of them is my friend for 10 years. But one day a classmate told me that my other best friend; whom i known for 2 and a half year created a What's App group Against ME. The group was created to make my 1st best friend believe that I did something what i never really did. And the sad part is my best friend, who knows me for 10 years believed that. I swear to god that i really did nothing what she thought i did. There were 4 group members in total.

But They don’t know that i know about the group. And still I talk to them like nothing ever happened. They still believe what they believed before. But we talk, chat, hangout together. Though i can tell the difference.

Now I feel like I have no one. I don’t feel anything. I Don't even feel angry or sad. Or heartbroken. I have to fake being Their friends. I Don't have anyone with whom I can share my feelings. That's why i stopped feeling anything. What’s the point to feel something if you Don't have someone to share your feelings???

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