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I feel guilty for having good mental health.

My mental health is pretty good, and I've never really had any big problems. But most of my friends suffer from things like anxiety and depression, and I feel bad that I don't. I also kind of feel left out when they talk about it, though I know this is completely stupid. I know this isn't a big problem or anything but I just needed somewhere to talk about it.

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Re: I feel guilty for having good mental health.

Sounds like you are a little anxious about it :P. Haha jokes aside, you shouldn't feel guilty but you can always try help out a friend when they are in need. Like doing a favor can help relieve some of the anxiety a friend might be experiencing. If you have good mental health you are in a position to make the lives of your friends better in some ways. That might also help relieve the guilty feelings you are having. Hope this help :)