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I feel hopeless.

I feel helpless and worthless.

I stopped college and don't have job. A lot of company rejected my application because I'm not good enough but I want to help my family and then get scammed. My mom has a kidney failure and needs to do dialysis 3 times a week but we don't have any money. My dad is a delivery man he is old and sometimes cannot work because of the pain he feels.

I feel so lost. My friends around me has a good life, the thing they only worry is their studies. I want to go back to college but none of the state universities wants me, they don't accept my case.

I envy my friends and those people around me. They're enjoying life. Sometimes I feel alone. I feel that my friends are forgetting me.

My parents they say that I don't help them that I'm an idiot because I can't pass any interviews.

My mom said that I will be a maid in the future, while my older sister said that I'll be a hooker.

I don't know what to do. People around me especially my family is giving up on me.

I don't see the purpose of life. I'm sorry if I don't believe in God.

Because I think God also give up on me.

I just wanna share my feelings, I don't have anyone to express my feelings because they will show that they care and understands you when they're in front of you but once you turn your back to them they judge you and laughs at you.