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I feel in love with my best friend ex

My best friend have been in a relationship with this boy for a few months, but i didn't like it at first. I think his taking her away from me, i was jealous. Then after about 5 months they break up. Then the boy start contacting me because she still loves my bestie. At first, i don't like it because the relationships already done, just move on with you lives. Why are you trying to get her to loves you again? But watching him struggle without her makes me feel guilty. And it's not like i make them breakup or smthg. It's just i realize that he loves her to much and i need to realize that one day my bestie are going to get married too. So i helped him to get back with her but not as lover but as friend. So my bestie are friends with her ex again. Well the problem is, i might have fell in love my bestfriend ex during the process of getting her to get back with him.The thought of him still loves her kinda makes me feel guilty to have a feeling for him. Honestly, why love is so hard???